To continue using Andriller, a license key must be obtained.

Currently these types of licenses are offered:

  • 14 Days Trial (Free)
  • 1 Year License ($99.99 USD)
  • Government or Federal Law Enforcement Agencies or Police - eligible for a free 6 months license. Email us from your institutional email account to verify your identity, you will be given a registration code (Coupon) which will enable you to register for a LE/Police license.

To get your license, click the [Get License] button on the registration window of Andriller, and you will be taken to the registration page with your Unique ID pre-filled for you. This is a recommended way to register.

To get a license instantly, proceed to the License Key acquisition page (may not be available for all countries):
Get License

License Registration Coupons (also includes multi-purchase discounts) can purchased from MyCommerce Share-it:

Alternative payment option by Paypal (licenses issued within 24 hours of purchase):
Now accepting PayPal

Prefer to to pay using Bitcoin? Contact us for details.

For license migrations with the License Migration Codes (LMC) click here.


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